Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MADE IT: Item #004

Me on my way to the Toronto Fan Expo 2013. I ran into some other cosplayers who happily obliged to taking a picture with me.

Hair and makeup by Lisa Barclay.

The bodice was the hardest part. I ended up scrapping the first iteration and redoing it because I'm crazy; It has 1" width, diagonal seam lines that match perfectly at CF and CB, plastic boning, and underwire for the cups. I made a chest piece as well but it looked too cluttered so I opted to not wear it.

Front View

The vision was originally to make the top and bottom all one piece, but that didn't really pan out because the fabric I bought didn't have any vertical stretch. Everything is some sort of faux leather. Except for my boots. Those are real leather and are Cole Haan. The gold armour pieces and lasso were spray painted with Krylon spray paint.

Close Up

This has been one of my more frustrating projects. It took several months to complete and way more money than anticipated, and yet, I'm still kind of considering doing it again. Someone talk me out of it. Or give me a costume suggestion.

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