Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MADE IT: Item #003

My copy of Wilfred Capucine T-Shirt 100% Viscose
Hat TNA, Leggings Talula, Shoes Aldo, Handbag Michael Kors, Watch Movado ESQ

It was such a simple design that I figured I could do it for way cheaper. I already had fabric from a previous project that I had ended up abandoning so this was sort of, kind of, free. Technically.

Side View

The basic t-shirt pattern was copied from an old Club Monaco t-shirt which is why my neckline is more scooped than the original. All hems are clean finished with 3 thread overedge and 2 needle top stitching with 1/8" width needle spacing (anyone want to buy me a coverstitching machine?).

Back View

I think my front and back hemlines have a larger difference than the original.

Mine has started to pill all over from constant wear. I can only assume that if I had spent the money on the original this might not have happened what with better quality, quality control, and all that good stuff. Remember kids, just because you can make it yourself, doesn't mean it's always better. Pilling is one of my biggest issues for anything that I make myself. My Wilfred Wasaga T-Shirt Dress hasn't pilled on the outside yet and it has been at least two years now.

Lastly, this is one of my few projects that didn't require a muslin. I just went from draft to final garment. For those of you who draft or sew, you know how amazing it is when that happens. And what a mistake it can be when it doesn't work out and you used your final fabric.

Photography by jen

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