Monday, August 13, 2012

MADE IT: Item #002

My copy of Helmut's Kinetic Side Slit Maxi Skirt 90% Cotton 10% Spandex
Top Wilfred, Lace Bralette H&M Divided, Shoes Aldo, Clutch Club Monaco, Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nail Polish Essie Lights,Good to Go

It was love at first sight on that shopbop link. Sadly, I don't exactly have $160USD to drop on a basic jersey skirt, so I had to do it the hard way; ~1.75 yards at $8CAD+tax/yard plus labour (which I graciously offered to myself for free).

Front View

Waistband has elastic inside for better support, slit is left as a raw edge, and bottom hem is clean finished with 3 thread overedge and single needle top stitching (I'd prefer it to be 2 needle bottom coverstitched but for this specific style it's not necessary...nor do I even have the machine to do it!).

Close Up

I didn't realize how much more fitted my copy is than the original until I put the two pictures together. To be honest though, I rather like mine better. It is surprisingly figure flattering, even on my mother!

Other differences are a higher waistline and a more opaque fabric (which meant I got to forego the miniskirt lining which I really didn't want to do anyways).

Photography by jen

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  1. This is totally gorgeous... Can't wait to see what else you make!